Perma Blend Sweet Lip Set Collection


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Permablend is a leader in the premium permanent cosmetic market. Permablend’s pigment feature a high-density load to ensure expert results without colour change. Their colours will naturally fade to reveal natural-looking, long-lasting results.

This collection of Permablend’s most popular lip pigments has been designed to help lip blush technicians to achieve perfect results, every time. Featuring a range of colours and a complementary shading solution, the Sweet Lips collection is a must-have for all PMU lip artists.

Colour Chart:

French Fancy is an earthy pink pigment with a cool undertone.

Ladybug is a bright orange-red pigment. Ladybug is perfect for warming up other colours and is most suitable for blue/violet-toned lips.

Nutmeg is a brown nude pigment with a warm base. Can be mixed with other colours to create a more vibrant shade. Nutmeg is most suitable for Fitzpatrick 3-5 skin tones.

Orange Crush is a bright orange pigment with a very warm undertone. Use Orange Crush to add warmth and vibrancy to darker or cooler colours. Orange Crush is suitable for Fitzpatrick 1-6 skin types.

Royal Red is a bright red lip pigment with cool undertones. Royal red can be mixed with other pigments to create greater colour density. For warmer healed results, add warm-toned pigments.

Squash is an orange/brown pigment. Can be used to add warmth to cool colours or vibrancy to dark shades. Most suitable for Fitzpatrick 1-4 skin types.


Included in the Sweet Lip Collection is a Permablend Shading Solution. 

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