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The Lite Pad Cartridges - Box of 10

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Compatible only with the Cosmedic Supplies Lite Pad, our needles are the essential tool for any PMU artist looking to create unbelievable results. Available in over twenty different sizes and structures, we have a needle to suit every permanent makeup procedure and style.  

Our needles are all medical-grade and feature a built-in backflow mechanism to ensure ultimate sterilisation.

To learn more about each needle, read our article on how to choose the right Cosmedic Supplies needle for you.

Each pack contains 10 needles.


PMU Needles

Your PMU Needle knowledge is key to treating your clients appropriately and achieving pristine results. Each one of our PMU needles are different and are designed to create different results and treat different skin types.

1 Liner Needles

1 Liner needles are single needles and are commonly used for creating hair strokes. Our 0.18 PMU Needles creates the perfect crisp hair stroke and is ideal for oily/combination skin types as it is so incredibly accurate and precise. Our 0.2 and 0.25 PMU Needles are also ideal for the creation of hair strokes and can be used on normal skin types. These particular needles can also used to create a beautiful ombre and powered effect for those looking to achieve a dense and solid result, or if the skin is more oily than usual. Our 0.3 and 0.4 PMU Needles are most commonly used for the creation of powder and ombre brows; they are slightly thicker than the rest of our range of 1 Liner PMU Needles and can pack on a lot of pigment into the skin very quickly. Our 0.4 1 Liner PMU Needle is commonly used amongst Scalp and Medical Micropigmentation Artists as it provides the perfect structure. The Cosmedic Supplies  1 Liner PMU Needles have been manufactured differently to your standard 1 Liner needles in such a way that pigment attaches itself in a glue like fashion the needle itself and is therefore more effectively inserted into the skin rather than just sliding off.


Round Liner

Round Liner Needles are made up of a round cluster of 1 Liner needles. They typically come in a formation of 3 or 5. Round Liner PMU Needles can be used to create Lip Blush, Powder/Ombre Brows and Eyeliner. They can also used when performing a Tattoo Removal procedure. A smaller Round Line PMU Needle such as a 3RL will pack in pigment at a denser rate and is therefore ideal for creating a more solid finish or for someone who has oily/problematic skin. A 5RL PMU Needles is ideal for the creation of fluffier, and more pixelated results and is the perfect choice for using on a normal skin type. The Cosmedic Supplies Round Liner cartridges have been manufactured in such a way that they are ever so slightly wider than other average PMU Needles on the market, with the idea that they will retract more pigment, and will therefore release a larger volume of pigment into the skin in a shorter amount of time. Cosmedic Supplies is one of the only supplies in the UK who sell a 7 Round Liner PMU Needle. This unique needle is your answer to decreasing you treatment time when carrying out shading. With it being such a large cluster of needles, you pigment will pack into the skin so quickly that you will be done before you know it!



A sloped configuration of needles offers the perfect tool to create hair strokes. The needles are designed to ensure that they all hit the skin at the same depth. Sloped Needles are fantastic for the creation eyeliner since they will follow the curved shape of the eye. When being used for hair strokes, they will create a slightly more pixelated finish. To summarise, a 3 Sloped PMU Needle is a good choice when wanting to create hair strokes or eyeliner. A 5 Sloped PMU Needle is a slightly larger configuration of needles and is commonly used when creating Lip Blush, Areola and medical work, and thicker eyeliner results.



A Flat needle is the ideal choice when creating a blended effect eg. powdered brows and lip blush. If you wanted the perfect PMU Needle to create a blend between hair strokes and a soft powder, then a Flat PMU would be fantastic. The Cosmedic Supplies Flat PMU Needles have a been uniquely designed to ensure ease of use throughout the procedure. Don't forget to adjust the NPS speed setting on either your Lite Pad or Pro Pad to help you achieve the perfect blend.


Microneedling Needle

The Cosmedic Supplies machines are perfect for anyone in the aesthetic industry. We also supply Micro Needles for those who perform skin needling and rejuvenation procedures, scar tissue reversal, and body scarring procedures. The 12 Needle configuration is ideal for bot face and body and responds to the adjustable dial on your hand piece when wanting to tailor your technique depending on the area you are working on.

The Lite Pad Needles - Cosmedic Supplies
The Lite Pad Cartridges - Box of 10 Sale price£18.50