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CS Universal Cartridge - Box of 20

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Only £21 box of 20

Round Liner Cartridge

RL (Round Liner) needles are either multiple needles that are grouped tightly together, or they are single needles. If there are multiple needles present, they will have very little space between them and therefore pack in more colour more densely, and potentially quicker than a single RL needle.

Round Shader 
RS (Round Shader) needles are multiple needles that are loosely grouped together, meaning there is more space between the needles and therefore they don’t pack in as much pigment as quickly, making them ideal for shading and blending. They are a good choice of needle when wanting to create a more subtle result or when working with sensitive and delicate skin types.


Flat Needles are made up of a straight row of needles. They are an ideal choice of needle when blending and shading, and when you want to deliver a lot of colour quickly. They usually have a longer taper. Flat Needles have a very similar configuration and purpose as Magnum Needles; however, they are of course a single row of needles, rather than a double row of needles and therefore cause less trauma and deliver less colour.

U Shaped

A ‘U’ shaped needle is similar to a flat needle, however the outer needles become shorter and create the unique ‘U’ shape. This create a softer entry to the skin than a flat needle and can be great for creating the same desired effect as a flat needle, but without causing as much trauma.


Magnum Needles are two stacked and straight rows of needles. They are great for blending and shading and also ideal for delivering a lot of colour very, very quickly. They usually have a longer taper. They come in both a curved and stacked structure.

Curved magnum needles allow for softer entry to skin and therefore risk less trauma. This means that the end needles in the configuration are shorter and they create a curved shape. 

Stacked needles are configured more tightly and deliver more intense results, again very quickly. Use these needles with caution as they can be traumatic to use.

Key Features:

• Medium & Long Taper Available

• Box of 20

• Safety Membrane

Sizes Available

1-Liner 0.20mm
1-Liner 0.25mm
1-Liner 0.30mm
1-Liner 0.30mm LT
1-Liner 0.35mm
1 Liner 0.40mm
3-Liner 0.25mm
5-Liner 0.25mm
7-Liner 0.25mm
3-Shader 0.30mm
5-Shader 0.30mm
7-Shader 0.30mm

SAMPLE BOX QUANTITIES (20pcs included in box)
2 x 1 Round Liner 0.2
2 x 1 Round Liner 0.25
1x 1 Round Liner 0.3
1x 1 Round Liner 0.3 long taper
1 x 1 Round Liner 0.35
1 x 1 Round Liner 0.35 long taper
2 x 1 Round Liner 0.4
2 x 3rl - 0.25
1 x 5rl - 0.25
1 x 7rl - 0.25
1 x 3rs - 0.25
1 x 5rs - 0.25
1x 7rs - 0.25
1 x 11 Pin
1 x 5 Curved Magnum
1 x 7 Curved Magnum

CS Universal Cartridge - Box of 20
CS Universal Cartridge - Box of 20 Sale price£21.00