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The Divine Blade by Browjam X Cosmedic Supplies.

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The Divine Blade - 20 blades in a box.

Overall Description

Celebrity brow artist, Janine Wallace, has spent months creating the ultimate microblade. The Divine Blade is a must-have for every microblading artist, from those just starting out to even the most experienced stylist.

Janine’s ultra-fine blade has been specially designed to allow artists to achieve the sharpest and most precise hair strokes…creating the iconic Brow Jam brow has never been easier.

We pride ourselves on supplying artists with the safest, and best-quality, products. Brow Jam’s blades are all individually EO-gas sterilized to ensure every technician meets the highest safety and hygiene standards. 

  • Ultra-fine.

To create the perfect pair of brows, precision is key. Janine’s 0.18mm blade is the perfect tool for producing ultra-fine, delicate, and accurate hair strokes.

  • Strong

Our blades are all made of the strongest stainless steel. This ensures maximum sharpness and durability, making blurred strokes a thing of the past.

  • Sterilized

Each microblade is individually packaged in an EO gas sterilized blister pack to ensure total sanitization. Every pack is marked with a lot number, manufacture date and expiration date.


"I have always said if I was to launch a blade it would have to be something special. I only ever wanted to bring out a blade that I believe would make the best microblading artist in the world even better." 
I’m so excited to say I have found the one. We’re giving this blade the name Divine Because of its God like feel when your using it." 
"The characteristics of this blade is
18 pin
Slight curve
0.15 diameter."
"The above doesn’t make it seem different to whatever else there is on the market so let me sum it up." Janine @ BrowJam
Divine blade Key Features:
. Faster treatment times
. Amazing healed results
. Kinder to the skin
. Better depth control
. Suitable for every skin type
. Suitable for any stroke style
. Suitable for any stroke length
. Makes your work better.
The Divine Blade by Browjam X Cosmedic Supplies. - Cosmedic Supplies
The Divine Blade by Browjam X Cosmedic Supplies. Sale price£72.00