Perma Blend - Golden Corrector -15ml


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Perma Blend Correctors can be used on faded eyebrow permanent make-up to bring back a natural colour by neutralising the unwanted shade. Perma Blend Golden Corrector can be used on eyebrows that have turned to a relatively soft blue-grey colour. The process of correcting or neutralising an undesired shade involves the use of one colour in combination with a correcting colour in order to neutralise the existing shade.

Golden Corrector from Perma Blend is available in a 15 ml bottle. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Perma Blend is one of the leading brands for permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation pigments, known for its vibrant colours that stay true even after treatment. The pigments are stable, easy to apply, and tested and approved by the German CTL laboratory. Perma Blend pigments can also be mixed with each other to create your desired shade.

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