0.25mm - 15 Double Flat Shading - Box of 20


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Create beautifully pixelated brows with our Magnum Needle.

The Cosmedic Supplies Magnum Needle is one of our most innovative microblading tools. Its specialist needle configuration helps artists to build a smooth, airbrushed effect throughout the entire brow. 

  • Smooth.

With several pins depositing pigment all at once, the CS Magnum Needle has been specially designed to achieve a fuller, slicker brow.


  • Strength.

Cosmedic Supplies’ microblading tools are made with precision in mind. Our blades are made of the strongest and sharpest stainless steel, making blurred strokes a problem of the past.


  • Sterilized.

Each microblade is individually packaged in an EO gas sterilized blister pack to ensure total sanitization. Every pack is marked with a lot number, manufacture date and expiry date.

There are 20 blades in every box.

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