Fake Tattoo Skin


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fake tattoo practice skin 15*20cm rubber 

  • This high quality practice skin offers you a perfect opportunity to practice permanent makeup and tattoo's
  • Has a soft realistic feel
  • Can be repeatedly tattooed
  • Will wash and wipe like skin would during a tattoo
  • Holds ink well



1) Mimic the structural characteristics of human skin, the texture is soft and elastic, close to

human skin.

2) Very suitable for beginners to practice before the real operation of the best supplies.

3) It can help technician, at any stage of their careers. Whether you want to experiment with a

new method , or hone your techniques, this practice skin is perfect. 

4) This piece is ideal because of it's thin properties. Some practice skin is thick, giving the users

a false sense of how deep they should actually push a needle into a clients skin. 

5) Although thin, this skin will give you an accurate depiction of proper needle depth.

See her how the fake tattoo skin can help assist you

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