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Brovi - Dilutor Thin Solution 30ml

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Cosmedic Supplies is the Exclusive Distributor of Brovi Pigments for the UK & Ireland


Dilutor Thin Solution 30ml

Designed to regulate the level of colorant saturation. Identical to the Brovi pigments base.

Volume: 30ml


How to use Dilutor

In general, Anna Kutsevolova, the creator of Brovi pigments, recommends always adding about 10% of dilutor to the regular Brovi line (1 drop of dilutor per every 9 drops of pigment). That way the brows will heal naturally and soft.

For oily and porous skin, add 10% of the dilutor.

For sensitive skin, add 30% of the dilutor.

For mature skin, add 30 - 40% of the dilutor.

For dry skin, 40-50% of dilutor.