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Pre orders will be taken soon *Limited units available* 

First 100 machines sold at discounted rate of £800

Looking to trade in your old CS Machine? We will give you % off the new machine. This applies to the digital machines only "The Lite Pad" or "The Pro Pad"

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The Pro Pad II boasts incredible beauty and brings a sensational level of sophistication to the permanent makeup industry. After two years in the making, every single characteristic has been thoroughly thought through in order to deliver the best possible results to both artists and their clientele.

It is perfectly suited for all permanent makeup procedures and brings a level of simplicity like no other machine on the market. Featuring a powerful engine, the Pro Pad II consistently yields results of the highest quality. The digital panel clearly displays the NPS level and is easily adjusted using the touchscreen system by simply increasing or decreasing the speed. There are only two ports in the back of the machine to avoid any confusion, as well as a simple on/off button.

The Pro Pad II is compatible with two of our custom-made hand pieces: I and II. Hand piece I features a precise and accurate stroke length of 2mm and a needle depth that ranges from 0-3mm, which mimics the typical power of a PMU handpiece. Hand piece II features the stroke length of 3mm and a needle depth that ranges from 0-3.5mm, which mimics the typical power of a rotary device.

Therefore, your investments are kept at an all-time low as the Pro Pad II can cater for all of your needs and all of the different results that you want to create.

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