Li Pigment Aqua - Dark Toffee 15ml


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The Aqua collection, brought to you by Li Pigments, are highly concentrated permanent-makeup pigments with a water-based formulation and a smooth, creamy base. These pigments work beautifully with all skin types and are suitable for both microblading and machine methods.

Tested and approved by artists all over the world, the high pigment density of the Aqua collection means better retention and true-to-colour healed results on clients. Shades can be used neat or mixed to achieve the perfect colour match and with an extensive range of shades, there is a pigment to suit every hair colour and skin tone.

Dark Toffee: A dark, rich brown colour with a small amount of yellow/orange in the base but the overall tone of the pigment remains cool.

Key features:

  • Volume: 15ml
  • Water-based formulation


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