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Brow Daddy - GENIE Needle Cartridges - Box of 10

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BROW DADDY developed the Genie cartridges for you, the artist behind every masterpiece. Designed with the most cutting-edge features, this is magic in a cartridge.

  • Safety first. Durable safety membrane prevents backflow. Proprietary plating process merges aesthetics with safety.
  • Work clean with pixel-precise application. No-drip tip prevents pooling and splashing.
  • Deposit pigment like a breeze. Enlarged reservoir and enhanced airflow system reduce the frequency of reloading your cartridge and maximize pigment flow.
  • Work flawlessly with greater detail. Precisely extended nozzle provides a clear view of the treatment area.
  • Ultimate comfort, effortless movement. Proprietary, ergonomic design provides perfect finger placement.
  • Performance you can trust. Internal stabilization mechanism keeps the needle steady.
  • Universal fitted cartridges. Compatible with many popular machines.
  • Stunning, healed results with maximum color retention. Optimized needle taper reduces skin trauma and maximizes pigment deposition.
  • SHARP AF! Equipped with the highest level of medical-grade stainless steel.

Sizes Available: 

  • 1RL-0.18mm Nano (Medium Taper)
  • 1RL-0.25mm (Medium Taper)
  • 1RL-0.30mm (Long Taper)
  • 1RL-0.35mm (Long Taper)
  • 3RL-0.25mm (Long Taper)
  • 3RS-0.25mm (Medium Taper)
  • 5RS-0.25mm (Medium Taper)

All your wishes have been granted. Create your own magic with Genie.

For professional use only. 10 cartridges per box. 

    Brow Daddy -  GENIE Needle Cartridges - Box of 10
    Brow Daddy - GENIE Needle Cartridges - Box of 10 Sale price£25.00