Here at Cosmedic Supplies, we love to support aesthetic practitioners from all over the UK. Whether
they perform twenty procedures a day or twenty procedures a year, we are always in awe of the
passion and hard work demonstrated by so many practitioners around the country. We believe it is so
important for the SPMU industry to come together as a community and celebrate one another’s

That is why we have decided to launch our Tech of the Month Campaign. Each month, we choose a
technician who we believe consistently produces outstanding results and continues to demonstrate a
real passion for making their clients feel beautiful inside, and out.

This July, we chose Lan Si, a working mum based in East London. Lan is an incredibly hard worker
and her consistent effort can be seen through the beautiful work she creates. We chatted with Lan to
find out more about how she entered the beauty industry and how she finds working as a SPMU artist.

CS: How did you enter the beauty industry?

Lan: I first entered the world of beauty in 2001 at the age of 19. At this time, I was studying law and
was not particularly interested in the beauty industry. Then, a friend of mine asked me to help at her
nail salon. I was not performing any treatments, just answering the phone, or removing a client’s nail
varnish. However, as time went by, I started to learn new skills and soon became an acrylic nail
technician. When my friend started to pay me as a technician, I was shocked at how lucrative the
industry could be!

CS: When did you open your first salon?

Lan: I opened my first salon in 2003, at the age of 21. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I had
no money and zero experience in the admin side of business. That first year of running my own salon almost broke me. There was so much to deal with; from council regulations, to accounting, to payroll. I was totally overwhelmed. However, after the first year, I started to make a profit and finally understood how the whole process worked.

CS: When did you train in brows?

Lan: I had little interest in eyebrows until 2019 when I kept seeing photos of the Ombre Brow on my
social media pages. I was surprised at how beautiful eyebrows could look and so decided to train in
micropigmentation at the beginning of 2020. I wanted to offer micropigmentation eyebrows to some of my clients who suffer from alopecia and who have lost their hair through cancer treatments. I wanted to help give them back some of the confidence they may have lost through their illness.

CS: Who did you train with?

Lan: I trained with GgBrows in January 2020.

CS: Do you offer any other micropigmentation procedures?

Lan: Right now, I only offer brows. However, I would love to train in paramedical tattooing which
includes nipple restoration and scar camouflage.

CS: What is your signature technique?

Lan: Since training, I have been working hard to perfect my micropigmentation technique. Most
days, I will spend 4-5 hours practicing on latex skins. As a result, my style keeps evolving and
changing so I do not have a solid signature style just yet. It will come in time and I want to make sure
it is exactly perfect!

CS: What machine do you use?

Lan: I use the Pro Pad from Cosmedic Supplies. I absolutely love this machine; having two handles
means that I can switch between needles seamlessly and easily. The Pro Pad totally allows me to
create the best results possible.

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