Tattoo Pen Covers (200pcs)


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200pcs Disposable Blue Tattoo Machine Covers Filter Pen Type Bag
Specification Size: 1.77inch X 4.72inch
Material: polyethylene plastic
Color: Blue
Packing: 200 pcs per pack
Type: Tattoo Clip Pencil Case
Product Features
1.Tattoo machine cover filter pen bag case is made of high-grade plastic materials, which is safe to use.
2. Tattoo machine cover filter pen bag can keep the equipment clean and safe every time, and discard the disposable products after they are used up.
3. Disposable tattoo machine cover filter pen bag is essential for any professional tattoo artist or tattoo supplies.
Product Details
1.Extremely light material.
2.Special design.One end of the pencil case is opened and the other end is sealed. Convenient and practical.
3.It is suitable for use in most tattoo pen machines.The perforated top is easy to use.
4.Maintaining sanitary equipment for tattoos helps maintain a good working environment.

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