Stainless Steel Eyebrow Ruler Caliper


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  • PRECISE MEASURE TOOL - Stainless steel caliper ruler use to measure, locate and shape equal eyebrows on both sides of the face. The eyebrow measure ruler uses engraving technology. The scale and number of each ruler are clearly visible and permanently retained.
  • STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL - The golden ratio eyebrow ruler adopt high quality stainless steel non-toxic material, with flexible arms and removable ruler arm. Aluminum alloy antiskid handle, copper head wear-resistant, six edge design, comfortable feel, It is fully reusable.
  • EASY TO USE - Three-Point positioning design, simple, convenient, reduce asymmetry, easy for every day eyebrow makeup work. It is portable and easy to carry with your cosmetic bag or purse, just use it at home or on a trip, convenient to make your lovely eyebrow shape.

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