LSP Beauty Cartridges - Box of 20


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LSP Beauty Cartridges have been created specifically for the semi-permanent industry. With razor-sharp needles these cartridges are perfect for hairstrokes, as well as shading (Ombre brows, Lips, Eyeliner and Medical).

The bee-sting tip provides the needles with a sturdy and secure structure – resulting in more control of the needles whilst performing treatments.

These universal cartridges fit machines such as Xion S, Bellar, Apollo, Dragonhawk, Brow Daddy Cleo Cheyenne, Axys Valhalla. Microbeau

With a fully functional membrane these cartridges eliminate any chance of excess blood/pigment entering your machine and causing cross-contamination.


Sizes Available

Sample Box
1 Liner LT 0.20mm
1 Liner LT 0.25mm
1 Liner LT 0.30mm
3 Liner LT 0.20mm
3 Liner LT 0.25mm
3 Liner LT 0.30mm
3 Shader LT 0.25mm
5 Shader LT 0.25mm
5 Liner LT 0.20mm
5 Liner LT 0.25mm
5 Liner LT 0.30mm

Key Features:

• Long Taper

• Box of 20

• Safety Membrane


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