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A collection of some of Debbie Clifford’s most popular colours in one set! Including the brand new Arabian Red!


Arabian Red: “The new Arabian Red is the most beautiful warm red that heals to a gorgeous pink colour. Perfect for clients with cool lip tones. A superb colour and I love using it!”

Arabian Red is an especially vibrant orange-red in its purest form! This eye-catching, elegant colour creates a saturated, fresh colour when applied on light and warm lip colours – teeth seem brighter and full lips are guaranteed. Arabian Red is ideal to neutralise dark violet coloured lips.
Combined with NA (neutral cool) or AA (neutral warm), Arabian Red creates the perfect pastelcandy colour. Create a salmon colour by adding TT or LB, add LP for a slightly cooler colour. Add LG or LL to reduce the saturation of the orangered pigment.

Lip Blush: “Lip Blush is a beautiful coral colour, which for blue toned lips turns into the most natural soft pink without being too strong. An absolute favourite of mine!”. The perfect colour for indecisiveness! LB is designed for customers, who do not wear make-up often, but wish for youthful freshness. This beautiful tulip wood-colour is especially extravagant and delicate when being applied with the lip blushing (powdery) technique

Hot Chocolate: “Hot Chocolate is one of those amazing versatile colours. Brilliant for clients with neutral, yellow skin due to its beautiful lilac tones. Mixed with Amazing Blond it is great for blondie / brown haired clients.”

HC is a neutral soft and dark chocolate brown tone. Perfect for clients who on no account want gray eyebrows yet do not want to abstain from a dark black element. HC doesn’t turn red.

Skin Top: Mixed with Skin Top, the Coloressense concentrate produces an oily pigment – suitable for all pigmentations with fast handpiece movement (Powdery) or glossy pigmentation (Stardust Lips). Due to the high percentage of witch hazel extract, Skin Top has a haemostatic and lymphatic calming effect and thus facilitates the treatment process.

Easy Flow: Coloressense concentrate mixed with Easy Flow results in a more hydrophilic pigment, which is suitable for exact hairline drawings and precise contours. The Coloressense concentrate is very fluid without losing its opacity.

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