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A collection of some of Georgie West’s most popular Coloressense colours in one set!


Powder Black: NEW! This black pigment greatly absorbs the reflection of blue light because of its special surface structure. Powder Black is hence a deep black when applied purely. PB shows comparably only little blueish discoloration even when it remains beneath the skin for a long time. This black pigment can additionally be used to apply
beautifully powdery eyeliners. Powder Black is the only black pigment that can be used to tone down warm brown pigments (WB or DR). This combination can be used to apply rather dark brows. But, be careful – only add the colour pigment drop by drop.

Shiny Lobster: NEW! Shiny Lobster ensures a youthful flair and modern, sporty freshness in a light lip colour. This soft lobster red colour can be applied on warm lip colours to create a particularly classy colour that matches every skin type. Shiny Lobster can be used to neutralise dark, cool and even slightly blueish or violet lip undertones to create a bright rose colour. Add Arabian Red to create a saturated and bright coral red. Shiny Lobster combined with Lip Blush makes a remarkably delicate and translucent colour. A mix of Shiny Lobster and Natural Attractive creates a more saturated and intense colour. A mix of Shiny Lobster and Love Grit creates a natural and saturated lip colour. Mix Shiny Lobster and Soft Pink to create a cool coral colour.

Amazing Blond: A ready to use mixture for light blonde or medium blonde clients. A soft, neutral blonde tone with a yellow-orange undertone. A blonde tone for hair drawings and shading techniques like Powdery Shading. Amazing Blonde is a bit darker then the common Blonde tones (SB + DT), therefore it can be perfectly used in a pure application.
Mixed with CC, you´ll have a pleasant light brown. If you add dark colors like EQ, a cool medium brown appears; with HC it will turn out regular medium brown.

Skin Top: Mixed with Skin Top, the Coloressense concentrate produces an oily pigment – suitable for all pigmentations with fast handpiece movement (Powdery) or glossy pigmentation (Stardust Lips). Due to the high percentage of witch hazel extract, Skin Top has a haemostatic and lymphatic calming effect and thus facilitates the treatment process.

Easy Flow: Coloressense concentrate mixed with Easy Flow results in a more hydrophilic pigment, which is suitable for exact hairline drawings and precise contours. The Coloressense concentrate is very fluid without losing its opacity.

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