The Leopard Collection


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The Leopard Collection

The Leopard Collection includes the three most powerful tools you need to sculpt the Ultimate Brow.

Included in the Leopard Collection:

The Predator Scissors

The FSOBX Predator Scissors are the essential tool for creating picture-perfect brows. Featuring a slim, super-sharp blade, these scissors guarantee total accuracy with every use.  

The Instinct Tweezer

Sculpt immaculate brows with the FSOBX Instinct Tweezer. Featuring a sharp, flat tip, these tweezers can grip even the finest of hairs. With the Instinct Tweezer, maintaining flawless brows has never been easier.

The Fierce Tweezer

 Grip and grab stubborn hairs from the root with the FSOBX Fierce Tweezer. These tweezers have a sharpened angle-tip to ensure maximum efficiency when removing any unwanted hairs. With calibrated tension, the Fierce Tweezer provides total comfort and control when shaping the brow.

Release your inner predator, follow your instinct and always be fierce with the FSOBX leopard collection.

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