Critical Atom X-R Power Supply - Rose Gold / White


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The Critical Atom X-R is a compact, user-friendly power supply with all the original features of the original Atom X, with some exciting additions!

The design of the Atom X-R has been tweaked and modernised by Critical to enhance user experience and create a super-sleek look that fits in perfectly with your clinic. Like the Atom X, the X-R is easy to cover for hygiene purposes, with no issues operating the buttons once wrapped.

Built in magnets and the silicone base of the X-R make it easy to position securely on any magnetic surface, vertical or horizontal.

The X-R also includes the unique colour-changing voltage indicator alongside the digital display. The dual outputs of the Atom X-R mean you can connect 2 PMU machines at one time for maximum convenience and this power supply can be operated with or without a foot pedal, thanks to the pedal override mode.

If you prefer to use a foot pedal, you have the option of maintained or momentary mode. This means that you can either get your PMU machine running with a single click of your foot pedal or by keeping the pedal down for the duration you want to machine to run.

There is also a jump-start mode for any PMU machines that need an extra boost of power to get going.

Made in the US, the Critical Atom X-R features the latest technology of built-in short circuit protection and non-volatile memory meaning that voltage pre-sets are maintained even when power is momentarily turned off.

Key features:

  • Colour: Rose Gold / White
  • Compatible with all rotary machines
  • Dual outputs for connecting multiple machines
  • 2 voltage presets
  • Colour indicates voltage (range: 1.5-17 Volts, increases in 0.1 V increments)
  • Built-in magnets and silicone base for use on a variety of surfaces
  • Can be used with or without a foot pedal
  • Maintained or momentary foot pedal modes
  • Jump start for hard starting PMU machines
  • Non-volatile memory – holds presets even without power
  • Built-in short circuit protection
  • Fully-machined, anodised aluminium housing
  • Comprehensive 2 year manufacturers warranty

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