BrowXenna® Brush

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The brush superfine #1, BrowXenna® - an angled brush with artificial bristles is an ideal tool for working with henna.

The Brush superfine #2, BrowXenna® is an angled brush with elastic artificial bristles and can easily draw precise line and fine hairs. This brush is perfect for working with narrow eyebrows.

The Brush for tapping #3, BrowXenna® – an angled brush with natural bristles. This brush is good for “tapping” technique, you can achieve uniform coloring without gaps on the skin. Perfectly absorbs henna and also easily applies it to the skin. 

The Brush for for tapping #4, BrowXenna® is used for precise coloring using “tapping” technique. Its pointed shape makes it possible to achieve flawlessly uniform coloring on thin sections of eyebrows, as well as tails. 

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