Perma Blend - A. Sivak Jet Complete Set 7 x 15ml


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The Jet Set collection, developed by highly respected PMU artist Alexander Sivak in collaboration with market-leader Permablend. The collection contains 6 carefully formulated pigments for use on lips, eyebrows and eyelids and a thinning solution.

Jet Set by A. Sivak has been designed for convenience and ease, to help artists deliver flawless results across a range of treatments with one ready-to-use collection. Brow and lip pigments can be mixed to achieve the desired shades and thinning solution can be added for translucency.

Shades include:

  • #Follow Me Rouge – bright lip pigment, neutral undertones.
  • #Cloud Nine Pastel – delicate, pastel lip pigment, warm toned.
  • #Freed Must Have – very dark brown brow pigment, neutral undertones.
  • #Simple Wakeup – warm toned brow pigment for brunettes or redheads.
  • #2xEazy Peazy – blonde brow pigment, warm toned.
  • #Cleoroyal Black – rich black eyelid pigment, with velvety tones.
  • #Nice One Mixer – thinning solution, to dilute pigments and increase translucency.

Key Features:

  • Volume: 15 ml

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