The Brow Designer Pencil

The BuffBrowz ‘Brow Designer’ is the No.1 go to pencil for your pre drawing and mapping process prior to an SPMU procedure. It is safe to use prior to needling the skin and comes in brown and white. Combined with our BuffBrowz ‘Looking Sharp’ tool, you will be able to create the finest edge to your Brow Designer in order to achieve the crispest outline to your shape with minimal efforts.


Our Pro Team GgBrows Georgie has always encouraged artists to ensure that their pencil is as sharp as possible, and to regularly sharpen it throughout the mapping process in order to get the best results in the easiest way possible. Pull string pencils have come a long way over the years, and Georgie has trailed many different ones in order to find the creamiest core for ease of use.


Top Tips: The brown Brow Designer has a protective film over the core to ensure that it doesn’t smudge. Prior to using it in to the skin after having sharpened it, just gently wipe over the core with a wet wipe to remove the film. You absolutely must use the BuffBrowz ‘Looking Sharp’ tool in order to achieve the finest edge. When you are sharpening your Brow Designer, ensure that the core isn’t too long otherwise it will break and take you a long time to perfect your tip.



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