PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad
PMU Machine - The Lite Pad

PMU Machine – The Lite Pad

The Lite Pad is a small, compact PMU machine designed for those who perform procedures in a variety of different locations. Whilst the Lite Pad is easy to carry around, it is also powerful enough to create the best results.

Key Features

    • The Lite Pad has a low vibration which makes the procedure smooth and allows the client to relax.
    • Features a lightweight handpiece with a dial assists to help with needle depth. This allows technicians to choose a safe depth to work with on the skin in order to prevent any post-procedure trauma.
    • Compatible with 10 different needles.
    • Features a powerful and robust Swiss engine.
    • Can be used to perform procedures on all areas of the face and body: eyebrows, eyeliner, areola repigmentation, hair regeneration and more.
    • Every package includes a free box of 1R – 0.4 Needles.
    • Extra needles from Cosmedic Supplies start at £35 for a box of ten.
    • Incredible value at £550.

Postage and Packing

Cosmedic Supplies provides special delivery on all orders over £300. This means that every order made before 1pm will be sent out the same day, allowing technicians to start working with our PMU machine immediately.

(19 customer reviews)

£550.00 Exc VAT

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PMU Machine – The Lite Pad

Here at Comedic Supplies, we believe that PMU artists should be able to perform procedures wherever they are.  That is why we have spent hours researching and creating The Lite Pad, a PMU machine that not only looks sleek and professional but has the power to create unbelievable results.

The Lite Pad is small but mighty. Its powerful Swiss engine allows the machine to run for hours on end with a high level of energy. The machine is also extremely diverse and allows technicians to perform a range of PMU procedures to the highest standard. The design of the Lite Pad also allows technicians to perform advanced skin and body procedures such as scalp micropigmentation and areola repigmentation.

When designing the Lite Pad, Cosmedic supplies wanted to create a machine that not only delivered outstanding results but was easy and comfortable for every technician to handle. The sophisticated workmanship, ergonomic build, and lightweight design of this tattoo machine allows you to work for a long time without straining your wrist.

We are a company built by technicians for technicians and are utterly committed to creating a space in which more people are able to perform PMU procedures all over the world. Grab your own Lite Pad for only £550 today.

Tattoo Hand Piece

The Lite Pad comes with one hand piece. The hand piece is extremely lightweight, slim and comfortable to hold. Additionally, the vibration created by the hand piece is extremely low, allowing any practitioner to achieve the most defined and detailed results possible


The Lite Pad comes with 12 months warranty. If anything is wrong with your machine, please contact Cosmedic Supplies immediately so that we can rectify any issues you may be experiencing.


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             Available PMU Needle Sizes:

  • 1R – 0.18MM
  • 1R – 0.20MM
  • 1R-0.25mm
  • 1R – 0.30MM
  • 1R – 0.40MM
  • 3RL – 0.25MM
  • 3F – 0.3MM
  • 4F – 0.3MM
  • 3SF – 0.3MM
  • 4SF – 0.3MM
  • 12p mesotherapy

Specifications of The Lite Pad

Specifications / Speeds

PEN Speed: max 10000 RPM

PEN Input: Max.12v

PEN Motor: Coreless motor

PEN Body: Aluminum


Output max .12v,200 NPS

Input: 90-240V

Power supply Body: Plastic

Power supply Size: 16.8*9.8*5cm

What will you get:

1 x Hand Piece

1 x Power Supply + Power Cord

1 x Connect Cord

1 x White Box

10 x FREE Needles – 1Liner-0.4mm

Cosmedic Supplies Distribution Scheme

Cosmedic Supplies are looking for distributors of The Lite Pad. Distributors will be offered a 30% discount on all PMU Machines and all our other products. If you would like to learn more about our distributers scheme, please contact us at [email protected]

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Weight 12 kg

19 reviews for PMU Machine – The Lite Pad

  1. Jenny Ross

    I originally bought this as a back up machine and now it’s my main machine! It’s so petite but the power output is amazing! I use this mainly for hair strokes but also use it for lips, eyeliner and ombré brows! I was so happy because I recently trained in microneedling and didn’t have to buy a new machine as I can get the necessary cartridges from these guys for so cheap! Thanks for the free needles as well guys!

  2. Sammy cook

    I am distributor of the lite pad for Cosmedic supplies and use these for all my masterclasses. I saw these being sold for nearly £1000 and couldn’t believe it when I saw the price of it on here! Plus I get a distributors discount of 30%!! This is a great device and can treat so many areas! Absolutely love it thank you

  3. Jeanette Cluskey

    I recently purchased this machine as my other was getting old and I wanted one for a back up incase the other broke. I absolutely love it. It’s compact, neat and elegant looking and is so light, it’s so easy too use and I also can use it for my skin needling Treatments. Amazing value for the price!

  4. Nicci Carter

    Do not be fooled by the size of this machine. It is the definition of small and mighty! So light to use but I have found that I am able to actually work for longer and fit in more clients because of that. A necessity for all semi perm makeup artists. The price is also insanely good. You basically cant go wrong. I am a massive fan! Thanks cosmedic supplies

  5. Kaitlyn Stanley

    Compact, neat, easy to use, lightweight. Perfect product!

  6. Kayleigh Robertson

    Absolutely love the lite pad. Amazing price at £550. I even got free needles which was such a great touch. Very happy customer.

  7. Jenny Yeadon

    The machine is a brilliant price. The needles are a brilliant price. I am able to carry out all my treatments with it. Whats not to love! Thanks cosmedic supplies.

  8. Bridget Murphy

    Really comfortable and easy to use as its so lightweight. Delivery was so quick. Just a great service overall.

  9. Siobhan Hammond

    I am new to semi permanent makeup but a friend told me about the lite pad and straight away it has helped me create better brows. I cant wait to train in more procedures that I can also use my machine for. Just so much lighter for me to use which considering I also work mobile it is such a bonus

  10. Gail Brown

    Best machine I have ever invested in. I am always sceptical about trying new products from ones I have used since training but this definitely proved that to be the right move. So impressed with the power it generates from how small the machine is! My next order is already pending. Thankyou.

  11. Becca Rose

    I love love love this machine, its allowing me to create some amazing brow results without making my carpel tunnel any worse. Its super light without compromising on powder. Im so happy with it ive just purchased a spare hand piece just incase i drop or damage mine meaning i dont have to use my old machine.

  12. Ellie Corden

    I was so in shock at how powerful such a small machine is so powerful! Such a breeze to use and such an incredible price. I have previously used machines double the price and nowhere near as powerful. Thank you Cosmedic Supplies!

  13. Kristal whiting

    I was really starting to struggle with pains in my hands potentially leading to RSI due to my old machine. I can’t even explain the difference in my work since purchasing the lite pad. Due to its lower vibrations and being so much lighter I can do treatments so much easier and actually am getting much better results. An incredible and understated machine for sure. Thank you so much.

  14. Aisha Campbell

    All I would say is do not be deceived by the compact size of this machine for its power. It’s incredible. We bought it as a back up for the salon as it’s such a reasonable price but it has actually turned out to be our main machine! Might I add delivery times are amazing which is so important for a busy salon like ours.

  15. Lisa Ash

    I thought I was going to have to buy new equipment when I decided to take my business mobile. This machine is just as easy to use on the go. Love it!

  16. Rosy Clewley

    I have no words other than LOVE my Lite pad!!! It’s a dream to work with. Thank you sooo much for having such a great machine

  17. Ava Ballard

    My girls at the salon have fallen in love with this machine. I purchased one to use as training equipment but it has fast become everyone’s favourite to use on clients. Brilliant!

  18. Suzy Krekis

    Similar to other reviews on here, we initially didn’t intend to get too much use out of the lite pad as my partner and I are already Pro Pad lovers!! However, please do not underestimate the power of this machine. The fact it’s smaller/more compact has actually been a godsend. My clients appreciate the less vibrations as much as I appreciate the lighter hand piece to use on them! Honestly just an ingenious machine all round.

  19. Hayley

    I have recently starting using The lite pad and it’s fantastic I can’t recommend enough. Price is great as is the needles to go along with it.

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