PMU Machine – The Brow Pen

                Key Features

  • Extremely diverse
  • Powerful hand piece
  • Able to treat all areas of the face and body
  • Swiss engine
  • Low vibration
  • Includes power supply
  • Ideal for mobile practitioners
  • Free box of 1Round needles included 
  • Needles from £35 for 10
  • Incredible value at £400
  • Free next day delivery

See why The Brow Pen is our most popular machine for yourself

Get The Industry’s Leading Permanent Makeup Tattoo Pen

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PMU Machine – The Brow Pen

The Brow Pen is UK’s leading rotary pen. it is a powerful and heavy hand piece that allows true diversity amongst technicians who wish to be able to use a machine that cater to all procedures. Although its a slighter hand piece it has an extremely low vibration which makes it incredible easy to work with. 

This PMU Machine is ideal for mobile technicians with it being petite. This machine has also proven exceptional popular amongst practitioners who treat several areas on the body including medical tattoo’s, stretch marks and scaring

Whether lining, shading, or filling with The Brow Pen you’re always tattooing at the highest level. The sophisticated workmanship, ergonomic build.

This PMU machine has been created by Cosmetic Supplies Ltd who has spotted a massive gap in the market for a leading rotary tattoo pen that not only looks sleek and extremely professional but also retails at incredible value at only £400.00


Professional Rotary Tattoo Pen

PMU Machine and its powerful motor has an advanced gear system for this permanent makeup machine pen, can give you more comfortable and precise tattooing procedures, low noise, Long-lasting stability.

Cosmedic Supplies provides special delivery on all our machines, this means every order made before 1pm will be send out for special royal mail deliver, this allows our machines can be with customer the next day.

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Tattoo Power Supply

The Brow Pen has a tattoo power supply that connects to the pen via a jack input, using the powerful but lightweight supply, you can adjustable speeds to create the perfectly soft fluffy pixelated brow.

The pen’s body has been designed with the model of rocket and hand pattern non-slip design. Advanced human engineering design, High-End craftsman stable quality, creative and fashion, give you unlimited creative inspiration.

6 Months Warranty

The Brow Pen Tattoo machine comes with a generous 6 months warranty, also Cosmedic Supplies includes a FREE box of 1Round with each purchase of The Pen.

Available PMU Needle Sizes:

  • 1 Round
  • 3 Round
  • 5 Round


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Length of machine:110mm
Length of needles: 3.5mm
Size: 113x30x30mm
Color: Silver with Gold tip


Working current: 1-2A 

Input voltage: 90v-240v

Output voltage: 2-12V 

What will you get:

1 x Tattoo Gun

1 x Tattoo Power Supply

10 x FREE Needles – 1Round

SPMU Machine Distribution scheme

Cosmedic Supplies Ltd are looking for distributors of The Brow Pen. Distributors will be offered a discount of 30% off SPMU Machines & 10% off needles. If you would like to take advantage of this please get in contact us today to take advantage

Take a look at our leading distributor GgBrows and see how our machines help their students, all brows on GgBrows page are created using this machine

SPMU Machine Training

Not yet qualified in Micropigmentation? See our Sister company GgBrows, who offer a range of training courses from Beginner, Microblading to machine or even more advanced classes, 

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Weight 12 kg

20 reviews for PMU Machine – The Brow Pen

  1. Lindsay Owens SPMU

    The Brow Pen
    I received my Cosmedic Supplies pen machine yesterday and couldn’t wait to use it today.. WOW! This is my honest personal review.

    * Fast delivery it arrived the next day.

    * So easy to put together.

    * The pedal is so handy to use to turn on and off and also adjust the speed easily and it’s also so quiet!

    * The pen machine itself is so sturdy – unlike a lot of other machines! I paid £2,500 for my finishing touches machine and it tops its quality by far.

    * The pen fits so nicely in your hand, I’ve used a few machines, some really expensive and some cheaper versions and all of them are really top heavy and you feel as though you’re fighting to hold it upright – I didn’t have this issue at all with this model.

    * The needles! – now this is a big thing for me. I have been searching for months for quality needles that aren’t going to cost me a fortune. Finishing touches sell a box of 15 needles for…. wait for it.. £121.80!!!! They charge £95 for the needles plus taxes! Plus shipping! This is just crazy and when I have 3 maybe 4 clients a day I go through needles like there’s no tomorrow so the outlay was a lot for me. When I saw the quality of the needles Cosmedic Supplies were offering for a box of 10 for £35 with FREE delivery I couldn’t believe it. The quality and price is just amazing.

    Overall I give this machine 10/10 I honestly cannot fault it in the slightest. I will be buying a 2nd one for my boyfriend who is currently training in eyeliner and will need a machine too.
    Amazing quality and great price!

    Thank you so much Cosmedic Supplies!

    Highly Recommended

  2. Jessica

    absolutely love the brow pen, first time using it and it was sooo easy to use amazing quality with amazing results, it does exactly what the description says! it honestly does give the perfect powered result! the needles are so much more better then the needles I was using on my previous machine, which was costing me a bomb for 10 needles!! So glad I found this machine will be my go to for all clients.
    Super fast delivery and such lovely customer Service!
    Thank you cosmedic supplies can’t wait to start creating more amazing brows with this machine and I will be recommending it to everyone I know in the industry and will definitely be back to purchase your brow pad!

  3. Andrew Grout

    I am in LOVE with this machine! I have used a few other machines now and for the price it’s amazing! Does exactly what you need it to do. Light weight and easy to use.

    I also can not fault the service I have received from the team! I will always use these now in the future! Thanks again

  4. Samantha

    After using the machine I was supplied with on my brow training course I decided to try the brow pen out. And am so happy I did it has made my job so much easier I wish I had found cosmedic supplies sooner! The machine is so light weight yet much more powerful then the last I was using!
    It’s straight forward to use, easy to set up & keep sterile ! I’d recommend it to anyone for brows ❤️

  5. HARLEY Selby

    I have recently started using Cosmedic Supplies brow pen and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. It is so small and light which would make it perfect for someone who travels with their machine. The brow pen has a sturdy weight and grip so it fits perfectly into your hand, it is also very quiet. The needles are of great quality and pick up so much pigment that they’ve made my shading so much quicker and at the amazing price of ONLY £35.00 for a box of 10 AND free delivery, these needles are unrivalled!

    So far I have only worked on brows but I can’t wait to get my hands on some lips as all the work I’ve seen created with the brow pen is a stunning.

    The brow pen retails at just £400.00 and for a machine of this quality that is outstanding! I can’t wait to create more SPMU with this incredible machine and would highly recommend it to anyone.
    Amazing design, 5 star machine.
    Thank you Cosmedic Supplies

  6. Cindy

    Excellent product! Perfect shading. Recommended a hundred x hundred!

  7. Lauren Sheridan

    Excellent product, i recommend Cosmedic Supplies to all my friends

  8. Jenny Robertson

    What an amazing machine for an amazing price! My last machine was awkward to use and also cost more than double without providing the great results that the brow pen does. Honestly unreal and so glad I purchased it

  9. Claire Simpson

    i love the machine very good for beginners, quick delivery and great customer service

  10. Sebastian Bullock

    Super fast delivery ! The seller is quick to react if any questions before and after order. Thank you.

    Great price for a great machine

  11. Kelly Slocombe

    The brow pen has changed my technique completely. It is so comfortable to use. I feel like I have got better and quicker at treatments and the fact it is quieter is such a bonus which also put my clients more at ease. Recommend 100%

  12. Leanne bell

    I am fairly new to the industry and lining was always more of my downfall. Since using the brow pen I have become so much more confident. I am so happy with the results I have been able to create now. Thankyou!

  13. Scarlett Knight

    10/10 for the brown pen. I am in love! I have used a few different machines over the years and this one is by far my favourite. It is so nice to work with and incredibly, quieter than other machines I have used. Even more of a plus, the delivery time was so quick!! Definitely cant wait to order more products

  14. Danielle Jenkins

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Pretty much sums it up for this machine. Best thing Ive purchased for my company in ages.

  15. Holly Morris

    I am so impressed with this product. The whole service I have received from Cosmedic Supplies has been second to none. I couldn’t recommend them enough!!

  16. Kirsten Rees

    Not only do I love the machine but I love cosmedic supplies. I have had so much trouble with companies recently in the industry that slow down on replying after you have bought the product. This is so the opposite with this company. Any questions I have they are always so helpful. Brilliant service.

  17. Beth Kenny

    I began using the machine that I got as part of my kit when I did my training. Safe to say buying the brow pen was the best change I ever made. The original machine was good but the brow pen just takes it to a new level. Its quieter and so much easier for me to hold and work with due to the design. It looks beyond professional but comes at such an affordable price?! Really really impressed.

  18. Andrea Courtier

    Thankyou so much for having such a great product! Brow pen has changed the game!!!!

  19. Jade Keegan

    I am a mobile technician offering various treatments so the brow pen is literally ideal. Its neat and very powerful for its size. Design is beautiful. Very happy with my purchase!

  20. Jodie

    Lovely pen, not loud, game changer!!

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