Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad
Permanent Makeup Machine - The Pro Pad

Permanent Makeup Machine – The Pro Pad

The Pro Pad is our bestselling Permanent Makeup Machine which has been recognised by many people in the industry as one of the best machines on the market. In fact, the Pro Pad is an award-winning machine that has been praised for delivering consistently outstanding results whilst remaining under £1000 per unit.

Key features:

  • Comedic Supplies’ most popular and sought-after machine.
  • Looks sleek and professional.
  • Has been tried and tested by some of the industry’s elite and has been proven to be an extremely effective machine. The Pro Pad is powerful and can be used to carry out intricate and detailed procedures such as scalp micropigmentation.
  • Features two hand pieces equipped with dials to assist needle depth.
  • Has a low vibration which makes the procedure smooth and allows the client to relax.
  • Features a fast and powerful Swiss engine.
  • Can be used to perform procedures on all areas of the face and body: eyebrows, eyeliner, areola repigmentation, hair regeneration and more.
  • Compatible with 13 different kinds of needles.
  • Comes with a 12 months warranty.
  • When you purchase the Pro Pad with Cosmedic Supplies, you will receive a box of 1Liner- 0.4 needles for free.
  • After you have used your initial needles, you can purchase additional needles from Cosmedic Supplies from as low as £50 for a box of ten.
  • The Pro Pad is incredible value for money and can be purchased for under £1000.

Postage and Packing

Cosmedic Supplies provides special delivery on all orders over £300. This means that every order made before 1pm will be sent out the same day, allowing technicians to start working with our machine immediately.

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Permanent Makeup Machine – The Pro Pad

The Pro Pad is Cosmedic Supplies’ most popular and sought-after permanent makeup machine. Having worked within the aesthetics industry for a number of years, our in-house technicians decided that the PMU industry was missing a machine that not only delivered outstanding results but was affordable for many more people hoping to kick-start their career. So, after many hours of research and test runs, the Pro Pad was born. Sleek and professional-looking, our machine is used by many of the industry’s elite to perform unbelievable PMU procedures all over the UK. And the best part, it retails at only £999.00!

Our Pro-Pad is decorated with a shiny (and easy to clean) stainless steel finish and features a beautiful touch-screen design. Its powerful Swiss engine allows the machine to run for hours on end with a high level of energy. The Pro Pad is also extremely diverse and allows technicians to perform a range of Permanent makeup  and medical micropigmentation procedures to the highest standard.

Whilst the Pro Pad is an extremely versatile machine and can be used to perform a number of procedures, it has been specially designed to work for those looking to create the perfect Ombre or Powder Brow as well as those who want to mimic the Hair Stroke effect. The technician is able to select an individual setting on the machine which has carefully been tried and tested to give the perfect output of speed for each specific procedure, essentially creating the best possible results.

Extras included with every purchase of The Pro Pad

With every Pro Pad purchased from Cosmedic Supplies, you will receive 12 months warrantee. In addition, every Pro Pad comes with a free box of 0.4mm 1Liner needles.


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Available PMU Needle Sizes:

  • 1R – 0.18MM
  • 1R – 0.25MM
  • 1R – 0.20MM
  • 1R – 0.30MM
  • 1R – 0.40MM
  • 3RL – 0.25MM
  • 3F – 0.3MM
  • 4F – 0.3MM
  • 3SF – 0.3MM
  • 4SF – 0.3MM
  • 5RS-0.3MM
  • 7RS-0.3MM
  • 12p mesotherapy

Specifications of The Pro Pad

Intelligent Panel is made of aluminium

Machine features an aluminium handpiece

Machine modes include Eyeliner, Lipliner, Eyebrow, Medical and Meso (??)

Panel type: Digital touch screen panel

Panel size: 16.5cm (width) x 20cm (length) x 2cm (depth)

Handpiece specification: digital handpiece with adjustable needle length

Input: 110-240V

Weight: 3kg

Why choose The Pro Pad?

  • High powered machine that can be used for both cosmetic and medical procedures.
  • Features individual programme settings for each area of application.
  • Can be connected to two handpieces at once.
  • Has 5 different modes for every technician to choose from.
  • Ensures minimal trauma to the skin.
  • Allows all types of skin to be treated (including thin or pre-lasered skin).
  • Allows procedures to be performed under topical anaesthesia.
  • Environmentally friendly. Noise output is low.

What is included in the box?

  • 2 x Tattoo Handpiece Pens
  • 1 x Intelligent Power Control
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 1 x Power Plug
  • 1 x Foot Pedal
  • 10 X 1liner 0.4 Needles

Cosmedic Supplies Distribution Scheme

Cosmedic Supplies are looking for distributors of The Pro Pad. Distributors will be offered a 30% discount on all PMU Machines and all other products. If you would like to learn more about our distributors scheme, please contact us at [email protected].


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21 reviews for Permanent Makeup Machine – The Pro Pad

  1. Georgie

    This machine has CHANGED THE BROW GAME for me! I specialise in Ombré Brows and this machine could not be more perfect! I especially love the 1liners too – they’re so sturdy and they pack in so much pigment so quickly! I’ve been able to take on one more extra client a day because my appointment times have decreased because of how much pigment goes into the skin at the rate it does! I use this machine for all procedures I carry out. The fact this machine is under £1000 amazes me as I’ve used machines that have been £4000+ and the quality is nowhere near as good! When I saw it came with a spare hand piece I was so shocked – you never know when something might happen to your hand piece of you drop it by accident and to have a spare one for FREE is unbelievable. I love my machine thank you so much!

  2. Jill Saunders

    This machine is great I have just ordered another 2 for my staff! The quality is phenomenal, the price value is unbelievable and the ongoing costs are just fantastic! I was a little dubious due to the price but honestly I couldn’t believe how amazing it was when it arrived! Customer service is 100% flawless and I am so grateful for the free delivery! Thanks again guys

  3. Lisa crompton

    This machine is amazing it can be used for micropigmentation and also micro needling which is great if you do skin treatments as well as semi permanent makeup

  4. Jess

    OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE with my pro pad! I’ve been searching for so long for the perfect machine for my new business venture and I’ve found it… and at amazing value!! I cannot believe the price! The needles only cost £50 for 10 which brings my outgoings down massively! Thank you so much for the perfect machine guys it’s just so perfect for me!

  5. Kayleigh

    My pro pad arrived the very next day!
    All my favourite brow artists I follow use this pad and I didn’t want to waste money, buying a different one and regretting it and I’m so glad I followed my instinct!
    Cosmedic supplies were great with communication and advice on how to use it, as I trained with a different pen.
    The pro pad is so easy to use and even had a foot pedal to turn it on and off 😍
    Thank you so much 😍

  6. Jessie Pile

    Where do I even start with this machine? I mean is there anything it can’t do? Super impressed with the HD Pro Pad, its diversity and ability to create the most crisp of hair strokes to the most gradual fades on a ombré effect is outstanding the needles are incredible! Amazing value for money which always achieves great long lasting results. Comes with 2 pens one for spare/ backup which are super light with long leads, and a special protective carry case, not to mention there 5 star customer service and delivery service! Top machines top products and top service would highly recommend!

  7. Shanice

    Best machine! This machine is elegant and works so smoothly and easily. I’m very happy with this product. I would definitely recommend purchasing!!!

  8. Carly Brown

    Wow! The pro pad is unreal. It looks so professional and helps me get such amazing results that I cant believe it costs under £1000. So worth the money. The needles are the best I have ever come across. Even better the delivery side is so efficient. All things that will make me stay as a loyal customer to Cosmedic Supplies. Thankyou so much.

  9. Mollie Wilson

    Been using the pro pad ever since I qualified in spmu. It’s such a simple yet amazing machine, easy to use and gives the best results! I also use the pro pad one liner needles, they help me achieve the best results, the amount of pigment I can pack in is unreal.

    The products are amazing and very cost efficient too! Highly recommend to all other spmu artists out there just starting out!

  10. Samantha Ockenden

    1st class product and 1st class service from this company. Can’t recommend highly enough

  11. Sasha Mccara

    Nowhere on the market can you find a machine as amazing and professional as the pro pad for under £1000. I have just trained in Ombre brows and it is giving me UNREAL results. This machine is a winner by far.

  12. Anya Jenson

    Not only does the machine look stunning but it works a dream. I was so surprised to find such a game changing machine for under £1000. The biggest fan of the Pro Pad!!!!

  13. Eileen Stubbs

    Looks so professional and works a dream!!

  14. Bella Nicholls

    Brilliant design especially seen as I have just booked on to a Ombré brow course to change from hair strokes. Which I also received help with from Cosmedic Supplies! Brilliant company thank you for all your help

  15. Stacey Appleby

    I was so pleased to have got one of these machines having heard great things from other friends in the industry. I even managed to get 10% off just from signing my email up. I can now actually fit in an extra client in my day due to how long the machine will run for compared to my previous one. Amazing!

  16. Kim Mead

    This machine is insane. It allows me to work on all my clients carrying out the various treatments just from changing the settings! Basically does half the job for you. My Ombré clients love it and my hair stroke clients love it!!

  17. Melissa McBeath

    I’ve been using the pro pad since I first started learning spmu and I absolutely love it, it’s such a slick design and easy to use. This machine gives the best results possible! I also use the needles from here which have a very reasonable price. Highly recommend.

  18. Rachel Higgins

    This machine is incredible! I absolutely love it! I love the sleek design of it and it is so so easy to use! When I first entered the industry I was really worried about having a machine that I would have to get used to but the pro pad makes it so easy! I am looking to invest in the lite pad very soon too this whole company stocks some of the best equipment and I know if I ever have a problem I can contact them directly and it would be resolved very quickly! If you are either new to the industry or have worked in SPMU for years this machine is for you either way! I couldn’t fault it!

  19. Marta

    I have my ProPad for a few weeks now and i can honestly say : “i love it” . Two hands , both quiet and handful. Lovely design , many speed options. Machine is quite and easy , work with this machine is a pleasure. Thank you Cosmedic Supplies for support ,Always fast delivery, and help with all my questions! Highly recommend!!

  20. Amarjit Sidhu

    The Pro Pad from Cosmedic Supplies is amazing .. best machine for hairstrokes shading Ombre outline and fading .. everything u need in a sleek package … customer service is amazing highly recommend!

  21. Natalie Purcell

    I recently purchased the pro pad and I have to say what a fantastic machine it is. Amazing value for money and I can’t believe how much cheaper the needles are than the other company I had been using. Highly recommend this machine to anybody who is thinking about purchasing. Having two hand pieces makes it so much easier then doing a combination brow or ombré brows.

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