The Brow Pen

I received my Cosmedic Supplies pen machine yesterday and couldn’t wait to use it today.. WOW! This is my honest personal review.

* Fast delivery it arrived the next day.

* So easy to put together.

* The pedal is so handy to use to turn on and off and also adjust the speed easily and it’s also so quiet!

* The pen machine itself is so sturdy – unlike a lot of other machines! I paid £2,500 for my finishing touches machine and it tops its quality by far.

* The pen fits so nicely in your hand, I’ve used a few machines, some really expensive and some cheaper versions and all of them are really top heavy and you feel as though you’re fighting to hold it upright – I didn’t have this issue at all with this model.

* The needles! – now this is a big thing for me. I have been searching for months for quality needles that aren’t going to cost me a fortune. Finishing touches sell a box of 15 needles for…. wait for it.. £121.80!!!! They charge £95 for the needles plus taxes! Plus shipping! This is just crazy and when I have 3 maybe 4 clients a day I go through needles like there’s no tomorrow so the outlay was a lot for me. When I saw the quality of the needles Cosmedic Supplies were offering for a box of 10 for £35 with FREE delivery I couldn’t believe it. The quality and price is just amazing.

Overall I give this machine 10/10 I honestly cannot fault it in the slightest. I will be buying a 2nd one for my boyfriend who is currently training in eyeliner and will need a machine too.
Amazing quality and great price!

Thank you so much Cosmedic Supplies!

Highly Recommended

Take a look at The Brow Pen for yourself and see why Lindsay rated it so highly

Permanent makeup machine

Lindsay Owens SPMU

If you are not trained in Micropigmentation why not check out our sister company GgBrows, machines and products included in kit are from Cosmedic Supplies

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