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Micro pigmentation Machine

The UK’s leading Semi Permanent Make Up machine for under £1000

The Brow Pad has been created by Cosmedic Supplies Ltd who has spotted a massive gap in the market for a Semi Permanent Makeup machine that not only looks sleek and extremely professional but also retails at incredible value at only £999.00.

This micro pigmentation machine has a stainless steel finish and has a beautiful touch screen design. It has been designed exclusively to be able to create both Ombre and Powder Brows as well as crisp Hair Strokes by simply selecting its individual setting that has been carefully tried and tested to be able to give the perfect output of speed in order to create the best results.

Semi Permanent Make Up Hand Piece

This Semi Permanent Make Up machine comes with two hand pieces for added security should any damage occur to a hand piece and there be the need for a back up. The hand piece is extremely lightweight, slim and comfortable to hold and the vibration is extremely low in order to achieve the most defined results.

The permanent makeup machine comes with a generous 1 year warranty, also Cosmedic Supplies includes a FREE box of 1liner needles 0.4 with each purchase of the Brow Pad.

The Benefits Of The Brow Pad

  • Incredible value at £990.00
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Includes two hand pieces
  • Free 1-2 day UK delivery included in price
  • Free box of 1Liner needles 0.4 (10 Needles)
  • Machine can be used for all SPMU Procedures

Cosmedic Supplies is a new company offering an SPMU machine that is reliable at a great price, The Brow Pad is tried and tested by its sister company GgBrows and in the last year GgBrows has given this machine to over 50 students. Don’t miss out on The Brow Pad! 

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