September’s Tech of the Month is the lovely Melissa McBeath from Northamptonshire. Melissa started training as a beauty therapist in 2014 but retrained as an SPMU artist in September 2019. 

Since becoming a qualified technician, Melissa has created some unbelievable results. She is continually trying to improve her technique and grow as an artist. We believe big things are coming for Melissa; read our interview with her below!

1) When did you first enter the beauty industry?

I first entered the beauty industry in 2014. I was sixteen and had just finished school. 

I had always been interested in building a career as a beauty therapist. I am so passionate about making people feel more confident in their own skin, and love creating beautiful results for my clients.    

2) Why did you decide to train in SPMU?

After completing four years of beauty training, I felt like I had a hit a dead-end career-wise. Unfortunately, I had not fallen in love with any of the treatments I had learnt. Therefore, I was not sure about how I could progress as a beauty therapist. 

However, one day I found @Ggbrowsuk on Instagram. I was totally amazed by her results; the brows she created looked so beautiful, yet so natural. 

I saw that Georgie offered an intensive training course so booked onto one straight away. I needed to know how to carry out these treatments myself!

3) What is your favourite procedure to perform? 

My favourite procedure to perform is 100% the Ombre Brow. Since training with Georgie, I have worked hard to become a specialist in the Ombre Brow technique. I am always striving to improve my skills and create the best results for my clients. 

4) Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I would love to have my own salon and create my own brow products that are recognisable. Ultimately, I want to keep learning and providing people with a service that makes them feel amazing.  

6) Who did you train with? 

I trained with Georgie, the owner of GgBrows, at her training academy. 

The course was intense and there was a lot of theory and practical knowledge that I had to learn. However, it was so worth it. 

Georgie was the best teacher I have ever had. She helped me to overcome my fears and build my confidence in such a short space of time. Georgie taught me that I can achieve anything if I work hard enough; this mantra is what keeps me focused and motivated every day! 

7) What is your favourite Cosmedic Supplies machine and needle? 

My favourite machine is the Pro Pad. It is so east to set up and allows me to carry out procedures to the best of my ability. 

I use the 1 Liner 0.4 most often; I find that it is the most effective needle for achieving a precise and sharp finish. The 1r0.4 needle is essential for producing the perfect brow. 

I also love the Brow Designer by Buff Browz! It helps me to create the perfect pre-draw, allowing my clients to see how the finished product will eventually look!

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