Why do you use the Cosmedic Supplies products?
I source most of my PMU tools from Cosmedic Supplies as they are always of the highest quality. All Cosmedic Supplies products are also brilliant value for money. Prior to working with Cosmedic Supplies, I had tried using a variety of different machines and needles from different suppliers. However, these machines were never completely sturdy or robust and did not produce the results I wanted to achieve. I am a perfectionist and since using the Pro Pad from Cosmedic Supplies I have been able to create unbelievable results. The machine has boosted my confidence; it is powerful but easy to use and gives me more control over my technique and pigment application.

Machine used favourite needle?
I use two different machines from Cosmedic Supplies. I use the Pro Pad to create beautiful brows, eyeliner and lipliner. However, I use the Brow Pen when working on brows, the scalp and when teaching my students.

The Pro Pad is definitely my go-to machine when I am working in the clinic. It is easy to set
up, operate and clean. The Pro Pad has two handpieces which allows me to switch between different needles easily and efficiently. This helps when I am moving between outlining and shading techniques.

The Brow Pen is super effective when I am performing scalp micropigmentation procedures. It is easy to use and has a lightweight hold which helps me to create more detailed results during SMP treatments.
My favourite needle is the 1RL 0.3. It is a good-sized needle that I can use during any procedure.

How much can a fully qualified tech earn a year?
I do not see my job as a money-making machine. Rather, I see it as a process whereby I can help my clients feel more beautiful in their own skin. When I see my client’s reaction after a treatment, and their joyous new-found confidence, it reminds me why I do the job I do. Fully qualified techs can charge anything upwards of £250 for a full set of SPMU eyebrows. However, the price a technician can charge will vary between areas, and the costs of living in that particular area.

If a technician performs two sets of eyebrows a day for £250, five days a week and gave themselves ten weeks of holiday throughout the year, they could earn in excess of £100,000 in one year (before tax, equipment cost and NI). How much a practitioner can earn is purely based on their personal drive and business desires.

How do you achieve a heathy work/life balance?
It is extremely important in life to make time for the things you love. It is essential to focus on activities outside of work that make you happy. If you just focus on your work and making money, life will pass you by and you will realise you have never done the things you set out to achieve! I work three days a week and try to only see two to three clients in a working day. I find that this makes me enough money to pay the bills and spend quality time with my family. As a PMU artist, I have a job that I love but I also have the freedom to enjoy so many other aspects of life.

Why did you choose the name of your business?
250Ink derives from the fact that I am a tattoo artist and an ex-soldier. 250 were the first digits of both mine and my brothers eight-digit army number. Sadly, my brother passed away at a young age, so I designed my business name as a tribute to him.

Favourite procedure to carry out?
My favourite procedures to perform are brow SMPU and scalp micropigmentation. Both treatments can really enhance and transform a person face. My brow and SMP clients always leave feeling so much more confident and happier within themselves. Scalp micropigmentation, in particular, often has an incredibly positive effect on clients emotional wellbeing. For ladies who are experiencing premature hair-thinning, scalp micropigmentation can create the appearance of thicker, fuller, and more luscious hair. For
men who are struggling with losing their hair, a scalp micropigmentation procedure can often
make them look ten years younger. If a scalp micropigmentation procedure is done properly,
the results can often look incredibly beautiful, natural, and subtle.

Top tip for social media?
My top tip for creating a successful business online is to really understand how the media platform works. Each social media outlet has its own algorithm which can affect who/how many people can view your page and your posts. The technicalities of social media are often difficult to understand, however once you get a good grasp on it then you will increase the engagement on your page which can help you get more business. Another tip for other technicians hoping to build an online business platform would be to invest in a business social account. This allows you to see when/how many followers are engaging with your content. Knowing when people are interacting with your account can help you gain maximum engagement on your page. Social media is all about getting people to interact with your page; the more likes and comments your post receives, the more people will see your work. The more people see your work, the bigger your client base will become.

Do you offer training?
I truly believe in the power of PMU and its ability to change peoples lives. That is why I have teamed up with Ian Evans (aka The Brow King) to create the Brow Army Training Academy. Our academy offers beginner classes for both machine SPMU and microblading. Every course is accredited by the Beauty Industry Approval Team. Our beginner course are five days long and include theory work via a private forum and
personal tutor-student virtual lessons. These courses cover everything from how to perform a procedure to how to comply with health and safety measures, marketing techniques to licensing. The Brow Army Training Academy is dedicated to helping aspiring PMU technicians become the best they can be.

I found that, after completing my PMU training, I still had a lot of unanswered questions about PMU procedures and the industry as a whole. With this in mind, Ian and I have spent many hours making sure our beginner course is water-tight and covers absolutely everything a new technician needs to be aware of before treating clients. Our beginner courses start from £2220. The Brow Army Training Academy are currently in the process of designing advanced masterclasses for both Microblading technicians and Machine Brow technicians. This is super exciting, and we cannot wait to start sharing our knowledge with so many more people.

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