Why do you use Cosmedic supplies products?

I started using Cosmedic Supplies machinery and products at the very beginning of my PMU career. I completely trust Cosmedic Supplies; every time I make an order with them, I know I will receive brilliant quality products. They also normally dispatch my order the same day which means I am never waiting too long to receive the products. 

The aftercare service and business support you receive from the company is first class and has a personal feel to it.  I feel like everyone at Cosmedic Supplies are genuinely interested in the success and growth of my business.  

Machines used and favourite needle?

For Ombre brows I use the Pro Pad which has multiple settings. This gives me more control over my technique and helps me to create a more detailed ombre effect.  Having more control over the needle was particularly helpful when I first started learning Ombre brows. 

I love the appearance of the Pro Pad; it looks clean, sleek, and super professional. 

I tend to favour the 1liner-0.4 needle. However, in the future, I am looking to experiment with some finer needles to create more natural looking brows.

Top tip for using social media to get clients?

I believe having a clear theme to all my social media pages is so important. I have spent a lot of time making sure that all my pages look consistent and aesthetically pleasing. 

I have tried to build a strong brand and business image so that people recognise my work whenever they see it.  I also hold competitions on my page which involve asking people to like and share my posts.  This has definitely boosted interaction on my pages and has helped my business grow as a result.

I post content regularly and update my stories every day just to remind my followers that I am still here and open for business!

Working with other businesses is also a fun thing to do; I sometimes collaborate with other technicians to offer joint prizes online. I think it is super important to support fellow PMU artists, even if they are your competitors. I always use hashtags on my posts and I always tag my suppliers.

What are your top tips for taking photos for use on social media?

Make sure you have good lighting when taking your pictures; this can be done by using natural daylight or, if you cannot find the sun, using a ring light. 

Know your angles, make sure the angle is flattering for your client so this enhances your picture. 

Do NOT post everything, only post your best pictures. I always add a watermark to my pictures to make them look professional and to help build my brand.

Why did you choose the beauty industry? And especially PMU?

I love working for myself and controlling my own destiny. Enhancing people’s appearances and making them feel better about themselves is so rewarding. 

It is also very exciting and keeps me on my toes; every face is different, and I have to create a bespoke treatment plan for every client so that they can enjoy the best results. 

I also love a good chat and have formed some amazing friendships through my work. 

Where did you train?

I decided to train with GG brows after falling in love with her work; it is, by far, one of the best decisions I ever made.  

The classes are small, so you feel like you are receiving 1:1 teaching. With Georgie, you get the opportunity to work on real clients as well as rubber practice skins.  Georgie makes you feel at ease and will make sure you are completely confident in your abilities before awarding you with a qualification.  I still receive ongoing support from Georgie and can visit her as often as I like for shadow days.  I try to visit every 6 months to refresh my training and keep up to date with techniques.  

Pigment range?

Tina Davies is my go-to pigment range; there are over 10 different shades to choose from so finding the perfect pigment blend for your client is easy. The retention is amazing, and the consistency of the pigment is perfect; I have found with some other pigments that the consistency can be too watery, but Tina Davies pigments are ideal for every aspect of my work. 

How long did it take you to grow your business?

I would say it took around 6-12 months to get myself to a point where I was fully booked months in advance.  It takes a while to become confident dealing with clients and answering their questions as well as perfecting my skills. Initially I was not consistent with my social media but as soon as I started posting more content my business started to grow.

How do you achieve a healthy work/life balance?

When I first started, I worked from home, so it was hard to switch off.  Personally, I think it is important to keep your work life and home life separate or else it is easy to go crazy!  I now work in a salon which suits me as I can fully switch off when I get home. 

If I feel particularly overwhelmed with work related messages, I will log out of social media so I can relax. I always do this when I am on holiday; it is super important to recharge and refocus on yourself once in a while. 

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