Starpil - Stripless Calendula Film Wax Starpil (1kg)

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Very elastic

Low melting point wax Film wax

A pleasant liposoluble texture for all types of skin, particulary for removing hair from the body's more delicate areas. Its excellent elasticity allows us to apply a fine layer, with shorter drying time, although it remains flexible throughout the process. It removes hair at the root without breaking it, and is disposable, providing totally hygienic hair removal. The calendula and tea tree extracts help keep skin cleansed and protected.

Highly pliable wax that delivers gentle removals. 

Its active principles give it antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and skin-healing properties

Can be applied in thin layers without breaking 


  • flawless hair removal
  • removes even the shortest hair at the root without breaking it
  • applicable in very thin layers
  • gentle removal
  • dries quickly but remains pliable
Areas: Suitable for all-over use


Ingredients: Rosin, beeswax, calendula extract, tea tree oil, titanium dioxide, pigment

How to use: Place the wax in the wax melter at about 60-70ºC, after 20 minutes have elapsed check that the wax is liquid, and reduce the melter to about 50-60ºC to obtain honey point. With the spatula, apply a fine layer in the direction of hair growth, wait for a few seconds and pull it off cleanly, parallel to the surface of the skin against the direction of hair growth. Effective use on facial and body hair.

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