Starpil - Pre Depilatory Gel (500ml)

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Starpil Pre-depilatory gel with rosmeary exctract.

Starpil Pre depilatory gel is applied before waxing to ensure optimal results. Once applied it will produce a gentle fresh feeling which calms and disinfects skin leaving it ready for waxing.

Used before waxing to prepare hair leaving it completely clean and tense for extraction.

Refreshing, light texture. Prepares and cleanses skin ready for waxing. Aids hair extractions. Softens and hydrates dry skin to alleviate discomfort.

  • simply apply like a lotion
  • disinfects and preps skin and hair
  • ensure's hair is pulled and not skin
Areas: Full body (always before hair removal)


Active principles: menthil, bisabolol, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, hamamelis water, camomile extract.

Instructions for use:

Apply on area prior to waxing with a slight upward massage. Allow to dry for a few seconds before waxing.

Bottle size: 500 ml.

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