Starpil Calendula Sanitiser Prepil Gel (200ml)

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Refreshes - Cleanses - Moisturises

Waxing cosmetics are made from high-quality natural active principles that hydrate and prepare skin for flawless hair removal, producing outstanding results and delaying hair growth.

Texture: Extremely light gel

Refreshing moisturising gel with disinfectant properties designed to prepare your skin for hair removal.

Helps eliminate skin dryness, soften hair and reduce irritation to ensure gentle and effective hair removal.

Calendula and tea tree extracts help keep skin cleansed and protected.

  • Prepare
  • Hydrate
  • Disinfect
  • Prevent ingrown hair
  • Delay hair regrowth
Areas: Full body (always before hair removal)


Bottle size: 200 ml.

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