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EPTQ S500 with lidocaine is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that is designed to help aesthetic artists achieve outstanding results. EPTQ S500 features the highest purity hyaluronic acid and contains less than 0.1ml of Endotoxin. EPTQ’s carefully constructed formula helps to minimise pain and maximise comfort during every aesthetic treatment. EPTQ S500 has a thick consistency. EPTQ S500 is therefore perfect for facial enhancement procedures closer to the bone. EPTQ S500 can be used to correct any age-related changes in the skins surface, such as filling deep wrinkles. EPTQ S500 is also ideal for treating facial zones suffering with volume deficiency including the cheekbone and chin areas.

Recommended Areas of Use

It can also be used to shape facial contours such as cheeks, chins and jawlines. EPTQ can be used to restore fullness in these areas.


EPTQ S500 with Lidocaine is CE approved.

EPTQ S500 results last for 6-9 months depending on the client.

Highest Quality
EPTQ does not contain any harmful ingredients and uses natural elements to create outstanding results. Due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid found in EPTQ, any harmful side effects are rare.
Better Results
The delicate composition of EPTQ ensures beautiful results, every time. Tried and tested by some of the industry’s elite, EPTQ is well-known for its versatility and ability to produce long-lasting enhancements.
Total Comfort
EPTQ features lidocaine as one of its main ingredients. Lidocaine acts to minimise pain and maximise comfort during any aesthetic treatment.
Safety Guaranteed
EPTQ contains raw and natural ingredients to ensure total safety. All EPTQ products are manufactured in an aseptic environment and meet the maximum sterilization standards.
Product Specifications
- Syringe volume: 1.1ml
- Needles: 27 G1/2
- Duration of effect: 6-12 months
- Indications: Correction of any age-related changes in skin relief (filling of deep folds), correction of areas with volume deficiency (such as chin and cheekbone areas).
- Ingredients: Hyaluronate Sodium (Conc.% < 3.0%), water (Conc.% > 95%).

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