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Buff Browz Products included:


The Buff Browz Complete Series

Sculpt, carve and define the perfect pair of brows with the Buff Browz Complete Series. This wonder-collection features all your must-have Buff Browz products, including the bestselling Bare Necessities Pallet, Brow Designer and Basic Brush Collection.

The Complete Series will take your brows to the next level. Just look inside… there is beauty within.


The Complete Series Includes:

The Brow Designer*: Designed with precision and care, the Brow Designer is the essential tool for all brow enthusiasts. Once you start using the Brow Designer, your brow game will change forever.

The Brow Definer: The mapping pen no brow artist can live without. The Buff Browz Brow Definer is perfect for mapping the brows prior to any procedure.

The Bare Necessities Collection: Disguise blemishes, brighten dark circles, and sculpt the perfect brow with the Bare Necessities Collection. This pocket-sized pallet is the go-to tool for all brow and makeup artists.

The Basic Brush Collection: Meet Britney, Whitney, Rhi Rhi and Queen B, the best brow gang in town. Utterly unique to Buff Browz, the Basic Brush Collection has changed the brow game for good. Highlighting and carving the perfect brow has never been so easy!

The Glow Up Collection: The Glow Up Collection is one the most innovative products in the Buff Browz range. Super creamy and pigmented, our highlighter pencils can define, sharpen, and enrich any brow within seconds.

Looking Sharp: The must-have tool for sharpening all your pencils. Featuring an ultra-sharp blade, the Looking Sharp scalpel can carve any pencil tip to perfection. Made of the strongest steel, this tool will perform at the highest standard for months on end.

The Brow Creator Collection: Once you try our Brow Creator, you will never look back. Featuring a twist-up nib and soft-haired spoolie, this pencil is the perfect product for adding depth to brow.


*The Complete Series contains two Brow Designers, one in white and one in black.

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