5ml Brow Lamination Kit + Mini Tool Kit


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This Brow Lamination Kit is one of the most popular brow maintenance treatments. Brow lamination restructures and conditions brow hairs to create a fuller and shapelier brow.

The Buff Browz Brow Lamination Kit provides technicians with the essential products to perform the perfect lamination procedure. Our formulas have been carefully designed to create outstanding results that never compromise hair health.

Number One breaks down the bonds in the hair, allowing technicians to reshape the brow.

Number Two sets the brows into this new shape.

Number Three is a nourishing solution, specially designed to condition and replenish the hairs.


Included in the 5ml Lamination Kit:

1 x 5ml Number 1

1 x 5ml Number 2

1 x 5ml Number 3

1 x 10ml Brow Lamination Glue

20 x Mascara Wands

20 x tint Applicators


Each 5ml Kit includes enough product for between five and ten treatments.

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