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The Pro Pad

The Pro Pad is one of the PMU industry’s most elite machines. Featuring a powerful engine, the Pro Pad consistently yields results of the highest quality. The Pro Pad has two handpieces attached to the main body, allowing technicians to switch between needles easily and efficiently.

The Pro Pad can be used for most PMU procedures, including advanced treatments such as scalp micropigmentation, hair regeneration and areola repigmentation.

Key Features:

  • The Pro Pad boasts a fast and powerful engine, making it perfect for busy artists looking to create consistently high-quality results.
  • Has two handpieces equipped with dial assist, allowing technicians to work at a safe needle depth.
  • Can be used to carry out intricate and advanced procedures such as scalp micropigmentation and areola repigmentation.
  • Pre-set to Micropigmentation specifications which can altered quickly and efficiently,


Cosmedic Supplies provides free special delivery on all orders over £150. This means that every order made before 2pm will be sent out the same day, allowing technicians to start working with their new PMU machine immediately.

Dial Assist Handpiece.

The Pro Pad is connected to two handpieces that are extremely lightweight and comfortable to work with. With two handpieces, practitioners can switch between needles and techniques with ease. The Pro pad works at a low vibration level to ensure every practitioner feels totally in control during a PMU procedure.

Needle Compatibility.

Cosmedic Supplies offers twenty different needle variations compatible with the Pro Pad. This means that the machine works to suit every practitioner’s individual needs. To shop our range of needles, please click here.

Machine Specifications

Panel: Digital touch screen. Size: 16.5cm x 2cm x 2cm. Handpiece: digital handpiece with adjustable needle length. Input: 110-240V. Weight: 3kg.

Included in the Pro Pad Box.

2 x Handpieces.

1 x Intelligent Power Control

1 x Adaptor

1 x Power Plug

1 x Foot Pedal

10 x Free 1r.04 needles



The Pro Pad comes with a 12-month warranty. If you encounter any issues with your machine, please notify us immediately at


Machine Distribution Scheme.

Cosmedic Supplies are always on the lookout for Pro Pad distributors. To find out more about our distribution scheme, click here.

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