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Why do you use Cosmedic Supplies products?

Personally, I use the machines and tools because the value of the immediate and ongoing materials are such good value. The machines are perfect for the results that I am looking to create and they’re super diverse for when I want to be more creative. They don’t need a break between clients as they’re extremely robust and the vibrations are so low which makes working really comfortable. They have a huge range of needles to choose from and they all have a back flow which is really important to me! Delivery is very quick and their customer services are excellent.

What machine do you use and what’s your favourite needle?

For me, I just love the Pro Pad. It’s a stunning machine, but it is just perfect for creating my signature Ombré Brow. It is so easy to use and I have never ever had a problem with it in the year and a half that I have had it! My favourite needles are their range of 1liners and their 3round needle. The cartridges are really easy to put on and take off as well as simple to adjust in length as the hand piece has a dial which is massively helpful.

 Do you offer training? 

At GgBrows, we offer elite training. We never teach any more than two students at a time and offer a range of courses from beginners to advanced masterclasses. All of our courses are accredited by the leading board in the UK and have gone through an extensive verification process. Our Beginner and Conversion courses come with a thorough kit and the two leading machines from Cosmedic Supplies. All students are welcome to return for unlimited shadow days with Georgie in order to refresh their knowledge and skill sets.

Best piece of advice that you wish you knew when you first started? 

The top piece of advice I wish I’d been told when I first entered the industry was to learn to say NO. Accepting every client is a massive mistake… you simply cannot please everyone. If a client has unrealistic expectations, or is particularly difficult from the very beginning… do not treat them! You will thank me later when you realise that you’d rather have turned the business away than be bombarded with millions of questions or nagging complaints post procedure. You will have to learn the hard way by not taking the above advice… but you will soon be passing these wise words on when you realise that sometimes it just is not worth it!

Top tip for taking photos for use on social media?

My top tip for the perfect instagramable picture is to take at least thirty shots because at least one of them is going to be ‘the one’! Try several different angles and play around with your phone’s settings; it’s all about trial and error in this industry after all. Try to be different from the rest so that your page stands out. Ring lights are really helpful as well when it comes to achieving the perfect lighting. Try to buy a light that allows you to adjust the tone from cool to warm.

Georgie created this look using our best selling Pro Pad.

Why did you choose the beauty industry? 

I think I was born to be a beauty therapist. I have always had a massive passion for the industry and have always been massively creative. I was desperate to leave school anyway and I thought it would be so much fun to turn my hobby into a career, so I went to college to study beauty. It was definitely harder than I thought it was going to be but I am so glad I did it! I worked as a sole trader in the industry for years and I just loved it. I went into SPMU when I was twenty three years old and never looked back. It was the best decision I ever made and I cannot believe how far GgBrows has come in such a short amount of time.

Why did you choose the name GgBrows for your business?

I chose GgBrows because I wanted to have a catchy business name that would be recognisable for my clients. It’s short and sweet and very much to the point! I also called the company GgBrows because I wanted to brand the brows; I wanted clients to say ‘please can I book in for my GgBrows?’. To create a brand is hard, but by choosing the right company name you are on to a head start! It can take time to come up with the perfect name, but it is really worth brainstorming and playing around with ideas until you are happy!

How do you achieve the healthiest work/life balance?

I have to admit it took me a long time to get a good work/life balance. Now I have a great work/life balance; I have the beginning of every other week off to catch up on work and life admin and it makes such a huge difference! It was hard to take the time off initially, but I realised what a positive difference it makes and how much work I get done! It isn’t all about practical work, you also need downtime to work on your projects and take some time out for yourself!

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