Cosmedic Supplies is a UK based company that aims to deliver professional Permanent makeup machinery that operates to the highest of quality. Cosmedic Supplies is built by technicians for technicians and works with some of the industry’s most talented semi-permanent artists in order to design and create products that deliver the best results. We are dedicated to helping technicians to reach their potential and therefore only sell products that are tried and tested by the industry’s elite.

Cosmedic Supplies was founded in February 2019 and, in such a short amount of time, has become one of the UK’s most trusted brands. We are an independent company with an incredible eye for detail and are committed to ensuring that our products are both reliable and affordable. We want to help SPMU artists perfect their craft and deliver outstanding results. Being a UK brand with UK customer service, we are always on hand to answer any queries you might have regarding any of our products. At Cosmedic Supplies, we listen to you!

Don’t believe how good our products are? See the results for yourself!

Cosmedic Supplies works with a number of clinics around the UK who only ever use our machinery. Our brand ambassadors are some of the most talented artists within the industry and their results are made possible by our top of the range products. Check out some of our brand ambassadors here: